Episode 133

Published on:

3rd May 2023

S10E133: WGA Writers Strike & Best/Worst MCU fight scenes

Has the MCU found their Susan Storm? The WGA strike has kicked off and already is affecting late night talk shows. What else does that affect? What are the WGA fighting for? Tune in!! Plus, we are talking the best and worst MCU fights and beat downs! (No worries John Walker, you made both lists! ) 31 films, 8 television series. Who had the worst battles and who had the beat downs that gave you the stank face? (Tony Stank to be exact) tune in Tuesday as see some of the ones we’ve come up with!! #blerdseyeview #marvelcinematicuniverse #review #morethanapodcast #blerdlife #entertainmentnews #wgastrike #latenighttalkshow #fantasticfour #fyp

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Chris Fury is the Host and Producer of the podcast Blerd's Eyeview. A fan of comics and film for most of his life, he enjoys talking about plotlines, screw-ups and theories associated with the comics world . Chris Fury is also a cosplayer in his free time and enjoys embracing his dark side with Cards against Humanity!!