Episode 198

Published on:

21st Feb 2024

S12E022: Flashbang and Killer Teddy Bears with Rorie Still

@rorstll beams in to talk about Flashbang! Rorie Still was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rorie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, North Carolina) and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Lincoln University (Lincoln University, PA). Rorie worked as an elementary school teacher within the Philadelphia School District from 2010 to 2013. Having found a passion for writing since she was in the second grade, Rorie has been word weaving from her story trunk ever since. In April 2013, Taking Wing, the story that seeded her first book, Flashbang, was first introduced to the public as a winner of the science and speculative fiction writing contest, Octavia City, organized by The Black Tribbles, then a G-Town Radio podcast. Rorie read the story live on the air for the program. Afterwards, Rorie was chosen to be one of the featured artists in Art Sanctuary’s 2015 Celebration of Black Literature. Rorie also published her second book, Hidden Melody, this same year (a co-authorship with Naila Mattison), which also debuted at the 2015 Celebration of Black Literature. In addition, during 2015 to 2016, Rorie presented writing and personal development media workshops with various Philadelphia associations. Some of these associations were Arts Holding Hands and Hearts, the Philadelphia Free Library, and The Advocate Center for Culture and Education. #blerdseyeview #entertainment #entertainmentnews #gamingcommunity #comiccollector #comedy #indiecomics #author

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